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GREEN2GOLD unites highly experienced business advisers, cutting edge engineers, award winning designers, innovative developers, state of the art manufacturers, international practicing attorneys, world responsible trusted financial experts, creative professional educators, leading scientists, wide spectrum marketing and licensing established relationships, world helping inventors, innovators, social ventures, and non profit founders.


Green2Gold takes what you have, adds our creative energies and collective world connecting power, and converts that to palatable real life exciting consumer success.


Prof. Alan Arthur Tratner - International Director

Prof. Alan Arthur Tratner, has served as the President of the Inventors Workshop International and the Entrepreneur’s Workshop, Director of the Small Business Entrepreneurship Center in California, is a SCORE (US SBA) consultant, and was publisher of the Lightbulb Journal and INVENT! magazines. He is an inventor and serial entrepreneur, with 13 inventions/patents. He has been dubbed the “Minister of Ideas” by the media and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Inc., Entrepreneur, Business Week, TIME, USA Today, America Online Forum, NPR, and has appeared on OPRAH, CNN, Good Morning America, and CNBC. Alan has mentored and assisted thousands of green technology, sustainable ecology and energy companies and inventors. He was a former Professor of Environment and Energy, participated in the First International United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, in Stockholm Sweden, was a staff member of Environmental Quality Magazine and helped establish the famous Earth Day. He founded the Environmental Education Group Foundation in 1972 with many supporters, including Nobel prize winner Dennis Gabor. Alan traveled the USA conducting the Ultimate Crisis and Solutions for Survival seminars, led an environmental and alternative energy delegation to the former Soviet Union for the Citizen’s Ambassador Program. He was editor of Energies Journal for the Solar Energy Society of America, published the Geothermal Energy Magazine and Geothermal World Directory. In the 1990’s he became Director of the Green Business Conference of the ECO EXPO, created the Eco Inventors and Eco Entrepreneurs Workshops, and the New Environmental Technologies Exhibits. In 2012, Alan was inducted into the International Green Industries Hall of Fame and honored with Lifetime Achievement. Click here for more about Alan. Alan is the Chairman for the California Space Enterprise Center, a major development for Private Space Enterprise.

GreenIsGood - Alan Tratner - from Green Is Good Radio on Vimeo.

Lielle Arad - Global Director of Public Affairs

Lielle Arad is the Chairman and President of the Environmental Education Group. Lielle is 100% dedicated to the responsibility aspect of all Environmental Education Group projects. Lielle is a Certified Professional Ontological Coach since 2001, and has professionally and personally coached Non-Profit Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Celebrities, Trauma Victims and Adolescents. Lielle was one of the founders of the Addiction Academy, as well as founded and developed ‘The Evolving Mother’, a support training program, and ‘MotherBank’, a complimentary currency system, as well as a Media Company. Lielle also has extensive college level teaching experience, sales and management experience, and is the proud mother of three.


About Green2Gold


We cannot do business just the way we have in the past: unbridled, war like competition, conflicts, narrow focused decision making, short-range actions and one-sided goals. We as a people are obviously overrun with greed, misuse of resources, misuse and abuse of our people and our world as a whole. Our business and personal decisions have continued to fill our planet with more and more fear, poverty, wars and pollution. The disharmony of the environment our mother planet now chokes in, reflects very little true deep commitment to planet responsibility or individual responsible decision making.Though, every generation shows some compassion to future generations, they have continued to make decisions that throw future generations into more and more planet-destroying dilemmas, where by the planet itself becomes more and more toxic and less and less inhabitable.

The Committee of Responsibility (COR) is many years in the making, and a new paradigm in bringing responsible, solid, unbiased, neutral, and deeply thought out examined decisions for nonprofit public benefit orgs as well as profit making businesses.



Through the years, Green2Gold has become a world helping organization with our nucleus being responsibility. Under these conditions we are being approached with many projects all over the world. To handle these many projects effectively and efficiently and with our promised overview of responsibility we select experts to be on boards that deal and focus specifically on certain projects. Our Green2Gold Responsibility board of directors, has as one of its functions the job of making sure all boards that are chosen for specific projects are making their recommendations and their decision choices for their specific projects, with the utmost integrity and responsibility to our communities and to our world. In this way all decisions are ran through this G2G responsibility process. With these safeguards in place, our supporters and our sponsors remain confident and will continue to support and promote our world helping services.


  • Alan Tratner, Founder and Board Member
  • Lielle Arad, Chairman and Board Member
  • Kyle Schulte, Board Member


G2G has selected and elected a specific board for the California Space Enterprise Center Project that will ensure its success. This board is totally dedicated and completely qualified to bring about the results that G2G has set forth in regards to the completion of the CSEC.

  • Alan Tratner, Chairman of the Board
  • John Palmer, Board Member for CSEC
  • Tony Thomas, Board Member for CSEC
  • Tal Finney, Board Member for CSEC
  • Gary Stanley, Board Member for CSEC

International Advisory Board for the CSEC project
  • Dr. William B. Lee, Executive Director Emeritus of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum
  • Glen Roberts, US Dept of Commerce, US Commercial Service, Renewable Energy Team
  • Sandy Lipkin Esq/Intellectual Property and Business Law
  • Patty Dedominic, entrepreneur, Past President of NAWBO, Founder Intl Women's Festivals
  • Gerald Harter- Entrepreneur, Former Chairman SBA SCORE Chapter
  • Chitra Vivek, Member India Innovation Association
  • Dr. Leeanne Kryder, Professor of Communications, UCSB, Founder Sustainable Business Plan competition
  • Dr. Anthony Pereira, Prof.of Sustainability at UCLA
  • Hiroko Tabtebe, Director of GOLD org/Japan
  • Prof. Brad Payden, Engineering UCSB, Founder of Launch Point Technologies
Strategic Alliances And Volunteer Consultants
  • Burnet Brown - Strategic Marketing and Research Funding Consultant for CSEC
  • Yuri Pikover - Special Advisor/Consultant to Private Investor/Angle/Venture Community for CSEC
  • Craig D. Allen - CFA, CFP, CIMA, President of Montecito Private Asset Management

Founding Honorary Directors & Consultants

  • Steve Allen


  • Marc B. Anderson

    Executive Director, Citizens for a Better Environment

  • Thomas Bradley

    Los Angeles City Councilman 1st Vice-President National League of Cities

  • John Byer, M.S.

    Geologist, Certified Engineering Geologist

  • Eugene B. Gendel, Ph.D.

    Professor of Economics, Woodbury University Burbank California (Formerly of California Museum of Science & Industry)

  • Nina Wilcox Merson

    Co-Founder of Eco Expo

  • Rev. Peter Kreitler

    Executive Director Earth Service, Inc.

  • Tony Schultz,

    PhD. Director of Investigative Research & Communications Pulitzer Prize Winner, 1968

  • Mark Wexler

    Consumer Consultant & Journalist

  • Richard T. Robbins

    Director of E.E.G. Ohio

  • Grant Cary

    Director Laurel Ecology Center ,Richard Cramer Editor-in-Chief,Environmental Quality Magazine

  • Dr. Dennis Gabor

    Nobel Prize Winner Professor C.B.S. Laboratories, Professor Imperial College of Science & Technology (London)

  • Richard H. Gilluly

    Environmental Journalist Former Environmental Editor Science News

  • Gary Greenberg

    President Environmental Communications

  • Ms. K Lee

    Secretary Creative Writer

  • Leonard Luskin

    Assistant to the Director Lee & Betty Blodget Photographers Members of Sierra Club

  • Keith & Allison

    Wegeman Youth Coordinators

  • Hannah Tarlitz

    Elementary Education Consultant Representative at United Nation's Conference on Human Environment

  • Dr. Bruce Halstead

    Director World Life Research Institute

  • Dr. Henry Hill


  • Jerry Kovacks

    MSCE, B.S., Civil Engineer, President Geology & Soils Consultants, Inc.

  • John McKenzie

    President, Citizens for a Better Environment

  • Beatrice E. Willard, Ph.D.

    Executive Office of the President, Council on Environmental Quality

  • Melvin H. Kirschner

    M.D. Master of Public Health Medical Consultant & President of DesignVectors, Inc. Member of A.M.A

  • Bert Rogal

    Mutli-Media Producer Director, Writer

  • Robert I. Ronka

    Attorney at Law

  • Nancy Pearlman

    Director Ecology Center of Southern California

  • Roderick Nash

    Associate Professor of History & Environmental Studies, UCSB

  • Ronald Revere, B.S.

    Biologist Fortney H. Stark, Jr. President Security National Bank

  • Richard C. Stayner

    Director Environmental Alert Group

  • Alumni of Board of Directors

    Dr. Noel Brown Chairperson Past Director United Nations Environment Programe United States Senator

  • Dr. Richard Saxon

    Past President, Physicians for Social Responsibility (Los Angeles)United States Senator

  • Marvin A. Harten

    Attorney at Law Engineering Consultant

  • Janet Woerner

    Science Instructor & Director of "Ecosources" Freeland, Michigan Secondary Education Consultant

  • Mark Ross

    Cultural Historian, Population Expert & Associate Editor of Environmental Quality Magazine



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What Green2Gold Inventors, Media, Government, & Alliances Say About Our Services & Programs

Santa Barbara Independent

Alan Tratner and Green2Gold fight global warming through private enterprise...he urges one and all to step right up to the greatest show on earth: human ingenuity put to the task of saving the world..

Al Gore

I especially want to thank your outstanding organization and its members for the efforts you are making for your community and for your country. Please be assured of my confidence in your continuing success in the years to come.

Victor Parker - District Director, Los Angeles, District Office
US Small Business Administration

Dear Small Business Leaders, Friends and Supporters:

On behalf of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Los Angeles District Office, I acknowledge the efforts of Environmental Education Group (EEG) to bring smart, consensus-driven small business growth to the Lompoc, California area through the proposed California Space Enterprise Center (CSEC).

EEG’s stated mission to “facilitate, boost and encourage private space enterprise” as well as “educate the public regarding space enterprise” and to “include federal government actions in the local area –past, present and future” corresponds with the SBA’s core mission of helping American’s start, build and grow businesses through networks of partnerships with public and private organizations.

In addition, Alan Tratner, Chairman of the Board of EEG, has a long-standing relationship with the SBA by providing valuable workshops to the small business community. Mr. Tratner, a respected serial entrepreneur, and Los Angeles SBA District Office staff have worked together to deliver top-notch business programs and services. Through Mr. Tratner’s, well-established and attended Green2Gold Workshops, thousands of entrepreneurs and inventors have gained information on various capital programs including SBA Loan Programs.

The SBA Los Angeles District Office looks forward to working with EEG on its stated goals of inspiring students in the sciences; educating and entertaining the public regarding space enterprise; and fostering private space enterprise in the Lompoc and Vandenberg Air Force Base area through the proposed CSEC.

It’s an exciting time to be serving aspiring and existing small business owners all over the country but especially here in Southern California. For some time, businesses of all sizes have been wondering when the old economy is going to come back but the more appropriate question is - Who is going to create the new economy? I firmly believe individuals like Mr. Tratner and organizations like Environmental Education Group will help create this new economy and produce jobs to Southern California."

Andy Lipkis
Founder of Treepeople

Some of the greatest and most beneficial things in our world have come from people's dreams. Such dreams are the fuel we need as we seek to improve our world and quality of life.

However, pursuing ones dreams and hopes can be a very tough, discouraging and disheartening process filled with challenges and short-term defeats. How do leaders, visionaries and everyday people become effective in pursuing and making their dreams become a reality?

After 30 years of providing visionary leadership to TreePeople, a non-profit organization that I founded as a teenager, I wanted to take our work to a whole new level. But I felt that that I had a number of things holding me back. I had hit similar plateaus in the past and turned to business advisors for coaching, but this time I happened to meet Lielle Arad who offered a values-based approach to coaching. We began working together and I found her support to be very effective.

We worked together on a weekly basis for two and a half years. During that time I identified a number of old patterns, assumptions and unexamined attitudes I'd placed on myself. I worked with Lielle to remove or get beyond those self-imposed limitations. I found myself both more effective and happier, and saw the quality and impact of my own work and that of our organization improve profoundly. Although Lielle is young, her gentleness, insight and skill make her an unusually effective coach and a joy to work with.

TreePeople is now working with some of the largest public works and infrastructure agencies in the United States, in designing and implementing new ways to manage and improve the environment for large cities.

I highly recommend and commend Lielle in her role as a coach.

Dan Karpf - Founder and CTO
N2R-Advance Carbon Solutions, Ventura, CA

"I’ve been involved with renewable energy new technologies and inventions in that arena for eight years. It has been both a very interesting road and also a very challenging road especially in the last four years. I have had to learn both about business, patents, and promotion in addition to growing in my technical fields and perfecting the technical applications.

I have been involved with the Green2Gold Business Incubator and inventors workshop for the last year of those eight years and I want to give a huge shout out to the assistance and focus that Alan Tratner and the Incubator program have provided for me.

As an inventor, it can become a far to solitary task to focus first on developing your inventions and then . . . . marketing them. Alan has helped me to develop a healthy and strong discipline in 1st properly vetting and analyzing my work, and then 2nd vigorously stepping out to meet, communicate with and then work together with the many people and organizations that are available to assist you in your expanded development and commercialization stages leading to funding.

As an inventor, it is far to easy to remain isolated and protective of your brainchildren so that they don’t get to see the light of day that they need. Alan helps you through that phase in a very hands on and experienced way. He gives greatly of his time and responds to questions and e-mails. That hands on availability is unique and most valuable to inventors . . . . and it has been appreciated in my efforts as well.

I recommend checking out the Green2Gold offering and methods to inventors who would like to move forward with their work, understandings, and commercialization efforts."

Youngsil Lee - Senior Librarian
Los Angeles Central Public Library
Mr. Alan Tratner and Cashing In On Your Great Ideas™ are active partners with the Los Angeles Public Library in offering free invention and small business workshops to the community. These programs, which are offered up to 8 times a year, have attracted a diverse and appreciative audience at the Central Library since 1993. With topics that range from business online marketing to invention workshops and sustainable enterprising, programs offered by Cashing In provide local inventors and entrepreneurs with a pathway to success.

Alan Tratner and his organization, Inventors Workshop International/Green2Gold, have been strong supporters of the Los Angeles Public Library for nearly 30 years. They were involved with helping the Central Library after the 1986 fire and donated funds to the Save the Books campaign that followed. The Library’s partnership with Mr. Tratner, the Inventors Workshop International, and Cashing In On Your Great Ideas™ has been productive and beneficial to our patrons and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Lance Ayon - Inventor
Layon Enterprises
I met Alan Tratner in 1989 when I had an idea for a fun novelty drink holder called the Puppet Kooler. I joined the Inventors Workshop International, and what is now Green2Gold and was helped and coached in getting my idea developed and protected. I was introduced to a gentleman on their Board of Directors who became a mentor and eventually business partner.

We developed a prototype, applied for a patent and created a corporation. We then created concept drawings and with these drawings and prototype in hand we attended our first trade show.

The trade show gave us great exposure and interest from many big box store chains which resulted in a large Purchase Order. This was a major step in finding Angel investors. We utilized our Patent as our equity investment and were able to obtain $500,000.00 in funding to get our product and company started.

This was an Education of many types for me because it exposed me to the tools that I would need to invent and develop all my future ideas. Once you have been bitten by the Entrepreneurial bug you will always want to develop new ideas and products.

I was able to travel and build a factory in Tijuana and Guadalajara Mexico and then traveled to Hong Kong China to oversee our product production with a large toy manufacturer. Upon returning the market had changed and my company wanted to go in one direction while I believed it should go another direction and I resigned my position and sold my stock interest and walked away with a large sum of cash and free to develop new ideas.

My next idea was similar to the 1975 Pet Rock idea that became a very financially rewarding fad. I developed the CyberKids later changed to the Hackers, a group of figurines that were created as part of the computer virus craze. I eventually landed an animation deal with Hanna Barbera Cartoons to develop a Saturday morning kids program. I was paid $10,000.00 up front licensing fee with a royalties contract. Unfortunately our deal never came to fruition due to financial difficulties and the absorption of the studios by other companies in 2001. We did manage to get the Hackers into several retailers and still make some money.

My idea train continued on with Guardian Angel Bears, Magical Monster Guardz, and a patent for an Avocado Cutter called the Slice-N-Scoop where we sold over 500,000 units to clients such as McCormick Schilling, California Avocado Commission and Crate N Barrel. We continue to sell these via our online website. I also developed a product called The Casper Safety Night Walker that entered into a two year licensing deal for the Casper the Friendly Ghost franchise which helped me land a $25,000.00 up front fee with royalty guarantees with a medium sized toy manufacture who unfortunately could not develop the product idea successfully for the market place.

I made some money and lost some money and took time off from inventing. With the advent of the internet and Alibaba as a direct resource to China manufacturers I was now able to develop and have direct contact with manufacturers in China in real time verses weeks of having to fax and send back in forth material, drawings etc via Federal Express...very time consuming and costly.

I decided to develop 3 new ideas and I am currently developing and getting ready for market two (2) novelty wedding coins the Decision Maker Coin and the Lucky Mini Penny as well as a new style Body Board or Boogie Board called the Wave Cutter.

I cannot thank Alan Tratner enough for giving me that first taste of the entrepreneurial world and the excitement of having an idea and watching it develop into a tangible product.

The education I received in developing a product from concept drawings to product to packaging and marketing is a true life lesson and love of spirit to create.

The difference between people who have an idea and an entrepreneur is that the entrepreneur will take that idea and develop it as risky as it may be....

Thank you again Alan for giving me a great journey in life….