Chairman of the Board, Professor Alan Tratner

Alan Arthur Tratner, is the International Director of Green2Gold and has served as the President of the Inventors Workshop International and the Entrepreneur’s Workshop, Director of the Small Business Entrepreneurship Center in California, a SCORE (US SBA) consultant, and was publisher of the Lightbulb Journal and INVENT! magazines. He is an inventor and serial entrepreneur, with 13 inventions/patents. He has been dubbed the “Minister of Ideas” by the media and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Inc., Entrepreneur, Business Week, TIME, USA Today, America Online Forum, NPR, and has appeared on OPRAH, CNN, Good Morning America, and CNBC. Alan has mentored and assisted thousands of green technology, sustainable ecology and energy companies and inventors. He was a former Professor of Environment and Energy, participated in the First International United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, Stockholm Sweden, was staff member of Environmental Quality Magazine and helped establish Earth Day. He founded the Environmental Education Group Foundation with many supporters, including Nobel prize winner Dennis Gabor. Alan traveled the USA conducting the Ultimate Crisis and Solutions for Survival seminars, led an environmental and alternative energy delegation to the former Soviet Union for the Citizen’s Ambassador Program. He was editor of Energies Journal for the Solar Energy Society of America, published the Geothermal Energy magazine and Geothermal World Directory. In the 1990’s he became Director of the Green Business Conference of the ECO EXPO, created the Eco Inventors and Eco Entrepreneurs Workshops, and the New Environmental Technologies Exhibits. In 2012, Alan was inducted into the International Green Industries Hall of Fame and honored with Lifetime Achievement.

Alan founded the Green2Gold project and which holds workshops and facilitates incubators for sustainable enterprises to foster new renewable energy technologies and green products/service around the world. Alan has served on numerous boards and committees and projects in the public and private sectors and was appointed by the Governor of California as the Southern California Director of Sun Day--the international solar energy event. He is a nominator for the annual Lemelson/MIT $500,000 award to American Inventors. He has presented over 4000 workshops from Stanford University to Moscow and has received recognition and awards from the White House, State Governors and City Mayors across the nation.

Alan is the voluntary International President of the Inventors Workshop International (IWI) and Entrepreneurs Workshop, that the Wall Street Journal featured in the “Idea Factory.” IWI has helped over 30,000 members and realized tens of thousands U.S. patents, new products, and technologies.

Alan had teamed up with the late actor/humanitarian Dennis Weaver to expand the Green2Gold Incubator to foster sustainable, environmental and renewable energy sources, new eco-compatible materials and products, and created the Young Eco Inventors Contest for kids.

* A Green2Gold Incubator is a learning/teaching facility where new companies are:
mentored into successful, profitable operations.
Mr. Tratner founded Geothermal World Corporation
Publisher Geothermal Energy Geothermal World

  • Environment Quality Magazine
  • Editor in Chief: LightBulb Magazine
  • Energy Options For Man Featured in “Energy Earth & Everyone” Book, foreward by Buckminister Fuller, and authored by Medard Gabel.
  • “Energy Options” for Man Report- Project for United Nations
  • Documentary film with Rockefeller foundation on Alternative Energy Sources
  • Multimedia Presentations for Environmental Communications Inc..
  • Creator: “Teachboard” on Inventing Interactive Semi-Permanent Exhibit Proposal at California Museum of Science and Industry.
  • Inc.. Magazine
  • Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Santa Barbara News Press: Business Section- “Inside Business”
  • Los Angeles Times Small Business

Directory and other publications such as:
Creator: “Energies” Journal for the Solar Energy Society of America
Creator: “Invent!” Magazine
Created and Published a Comprehensive Series of “Public Interest Reports” on Environmental Topics

  • Solder Enterprises (Mexico) on Internal Innovation/ Licensing
  • Director and Consultant: Energy Conservation Institute, Redwood City, California
  • President and Founder: Geothermal World Corp (International Publishing Corp of Trade
  • Publications: Monthly Geothermal Energy Magazine and Annual Geothermal World Directory)
  • Co-Inventor/ Partner Chapman Engines International
  • Foundation for Alternative Energy, Beverly Hills, California
  • Member Mayors Energy Policy Committee and Alternative Energy Sub-Committee, City of LA
  • Images Now! Agency, Public Relations, Advertising, and Photography Partner
  • Consultant to Making Ideas Happen, LLC, and RNV Ventures (Clients: Petsmart, QVC Products Works,
  • California Integrated Waste Management Board/ RMDZ/
  • Private Design and Consulting: New Products Development
  • President/ Executive Director of Inventors Workshop International and Entrepreneurship Workshop
  • Founder/ President Environmental Education Group Foundation 501-C-3
  • Executive Director Geothermal Energy Association (Trade Organization)
  • Director YIPEE! (Youth Projects)
  • Board Member of the National Gifted Childrens Foundation 501-C-3
  • Director, Small Business Entrepreneurship Center
  • Project Manager Santa Barbara County SBDC, Program of the U.S. Small Business Association
  • Executive Director Green Retailers Association
  • Creator Great Idea Contest/ Imagination Fair