leaving the merry-go-round of never ending services, green2gold takes your business to success

Unite with the Vast Experience of Other Inventors & Entrepreneurs
who have Traveled down that road of Product Development & Successful Marketing.

Beware Of Supposed Invention & Business Mentors That Are Actually Selling More And More Tickets On The Merry Go Round.

Groundbreaking Ideas & Inventions Have Famously Broken Structures. Now if you take that groundbreaking idea and try to put it into an old structure, that idea becomes horribly limited. And that’s what happens when you take a new idea to most for profit companies based on old structures. For profit invention development companies, make that profit, selling you a dream. Unfortunately, for the most part, it turns out you end up on a merry go round trying to catch the brass ring that you have to pay for on every turn. You can ride that merry go round as long as you keep paying. Merry go round owners make their money from people riding on the merry go round. That is where their success is, not necessarily yours.

Instead Of A Merry Go Round... Green2Gold is a non-profit organization that would prefer to recommend and help you with a straightforward strategy that takes you directly to your goals. Starting from where you are at, and taking you to where you want to go with the plans that take you to that place in the quickest, most efficient focused pathway.

Green2Gold's Non-Profit Philosophy. Green2Gold has developed organic flexible expanding business concepts that highlight the individuals growing perspectives and their unique personal invention and business needs. Green2gold's pathway explains and implements that philosophy very clearly, making it obvious every step of the way, that the inventor is going where they intended to go. You will see what you’ve gained every step of the way, and you will be able to make your decisions moving forward from an expanded knowledge and a more enlightened perspective of the true situation of your product or your inventions potential.

Get confidential & individualized services.

Green2Gold develops and rapidly commercializes conventional ideas, new energy and environmental technologies, sustainable enterprises, products, and services for the consumer, government, and business marketplaces. We are also unique in that we incubate non-profit organizations.

With the experience and power of many.

Green2Gold has a rich 45 year history of conducting workshops, world class conferences, expositions, and facilitating incubators across the globe. Green2Gold is at the heartbeat of innovation and helps to develop some of the most inspired and creative world helping minds on our planet today. We are rapidly making more available this vast experience of a multitude of entrepreneurs and inventors, which is a powerhouse of successful processes.

Modern resources and success system.

If you have an innovative idea, invention or product, technology, service, film or TV project, nonprofit mission or business plan, we can help you propel it and possibly even Co-Venture with you!

Call us anytime if you have any questions (805) 735-7261. Click here for more FAQ's on Green2Gold.

Green2Gold has grown, evolved and
remained current through the decades.
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If you are serious about commercializing
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INVENTORS: Get Your Ideas Legal & Presented to Potential Licensees ENTREPRENEURS: Develop a Result Driven Strategy & Raise Capital START A NON-PROFIT: Fundraise & Grow Under Our Umbrella
  • Automotive
  • OEM
  • Motorcycle
  • Bikes, Scooters
  • Recreational Vehicles & ATV
  • Water & Energy Systems
  • Geo-Thermal Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment
  • Dental & Medical
  • Farming
  • Energy Storage
  • Private Space Enterprise
  • Water Purification
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Aerospace
  • Smarter Home Technology
  • Sensing, Testing & Measurement
  • Security

Goldmine of Great Ideas

WANTED! Great Ideas for our Spectrum of Industry & Product Categories
  • Pollution
  • Pollution Remediation
  • Transportation
  • Recreational
  • Renewable Energy
  • Anti-Theft & Loss Prevention
  • Beauty & Fitness
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Hand & Power Tools
  • Baby, Toddler, Youth & Teen Products
  • Pet Products
  • Office Supplies & Equipment
  • Fashion Accessories & Apparel
  • Pool & Spa
  • Maintenance
  • Household Products & Applications
  • Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Patio & Garden
  • Fire Fighting, Fire Prevention
  • Law Enforcement Technology
  • Safety Technology

Ideas are

The ‘Goldmine of Great Ideas’ is a new secure online platform to present your inventions or business concepts consisely & powerfully, as well as to gain instant feedback from potential licensees, investors, new alliances, and/or to be considered for a WRI Co-Venture.

Green2Gold can help you create multi-media assets, such as video, renderings, etc. that help illustrate and communicate your invention or business concept in the most effective way that can help in that process of securing a licensing contract, investments, etc.

goldmine of great ideas

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