About Green2Gold

Learn about Green2Gold's History, Vision, Resources, Inventors & Entrepreneurs, as well as Green2Gold's Mission to help bring Inventors & Entrepreneurs Out of the Closet and into the Star Position. 

Before the Sharks take the Heart out of Your Inventions & Creations....

Green2Gold Has a Heart and we are going to be adding even more love to your precious inventions. 

Episode 1: Information Seeking

Crippling Mistakes & Dangerous Pitfalls Inventors & Entrepreneurs Often Face on the way to the Marketplace. These pitfall issues are not listed in their overall importance because that would be dependent on your particular need. 

Episode 2: Hiring Coaches & Experienced Mentors

If your trying to get a bit more specific information hiring a Business Coach or Mentor to work with you Individually is a little more helpful and a little more of an efficient process. But we’ve found, and its backed by years of statistics, those mentors and coaches for the most part, basically leave you in the lurch.

Episode 3: Paying for Inventor and Entrepreneur Services

This approach is in fact more about results, but its important to understand, that taking your ideas to any for profit company for invention or entrepreneurial services of any kind, is taking it to an old structure.

Episode 4: Money

Another major pitfall is a misconception that if you had enough money you could make it successful. And that’s not necessarily true, nor more then frank Sinatra could make his son anywhere near as successful as he was, no matter how much money he had.

Has the World Misunderstood Investing? I know the USA has.

If you have an investor that is willing to invest in your company, why don’t you just let your company build you?

Let's Tell it like it is.