Green2Gold is the Fort Knox of Intellectual Property.

Green2Gold has existed for over 50 years with our main purpose helping you to develop and protect your concepts. We will never cut corners that will put you in jeopardy. Our non profit, has helped over 100,000 inventors and entrepreneurs with their intellectual property.



You have a new invention. With Green2Gold and the PatentSaver® process you can benefit from a simple, affordable and high quality patenting process to thoroughly protect your ideas and creations. One of the first vital steps you don't want to miss is to go through a patent search process to validate the new creation as unique, and also help to begin shaping and staking your own claims.


Start with a thorough search by bonded professional search technicians and get the benefit of expert Legal Patentability Opinions free of charge.


The best patents are those that are defensible and broad! A strong patent can create a barrier to completion for new ventures that protect assets, and can be attractive IP for Licensees.


Full Patents are searched in classes and subclasses, as well as full bodied copies (not abstracts) and these results are double checked with PTO Examiners before being delivered.


Members also receive a free special counseling session to Review the search results and develop IP strategies.


The Patentability Opinion and Search Patents are delivered securely to you. We also offer blind, Second Patentability opinions for free, when needed.


Green2Gold rotates our IP experts (patent attorneys and agents) so the search results patents are closest to your idea and your Disclosure for a FREE Legal Patentability Opinion (worth hundreds of dollars!).  

Proprietary Green2Gold PatentSaver® Program, since 1985.



More Benefits

With PatentSaver® members can save up to 40% on Utility and Design Patent Applications. These Deep Discounts can apply to all Aspects of Intellectual Property; Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, Logos, Service Marks, Domain Names. Green2Gold also further provides Provisional Patent Application assistance that lead to filing successful U.S Utility Patents, Design Patent applications that strengthen defensibility and narrow the potential for others to get around those designs, helping reverse patent office rejections, overturning abandonments, making good use and strategies of the license to file in other countries, as well as for Licensing Contracts Review and Support in the process of commercializing your great ideas.

You will benefit from the PatentSaver® Program when you join Green2Gold.