#3 – Paying for any kind of entrepreneur or inventor services including companies that find you companies to possibly license and develop your invention.

This approach is more about results, but its important to understand, that taking your ideas to any for profit company for invention or entrepreneurial services of any kind, is taking it to an old structure. And that can be very limiting. It is like taking your love of inventing, or developing your ideas and going to a dance studio. There are dance studios all over the world, and they make a lot of money because there are a lot of people that love to dance. Typically the owners and the teachers, and administrators, etc. are not professional dancers, making their income and profit from actually dancing professionally.

They make their profit by the classes and services they provide their clients, that their clients pay for. That is where their success is. In those services. This is exactly what an invention development, product developer, manufacturer, etc is set up like. What they are selling you are services around your dream. And in this way, they really cant care about your personal success that much.

Of course they are going to be nice to you. They will be glad you are there. Hope you get licensing, or 'scholarships' and go on to do great things, but they just can't care about you that much. They can't care much more then getting a few referrals from you so your friends take the classes or get their services. Or if you were to become successful, they like that, because it can give them a plug.

And that’s exactly the same process that you would be dealing with in bringing your concepts or inventions to mainstream product development companies, manufacturers, etc. They are just like common dance studios in that way.

Statistics tell us, that the most you could do here, is possibly break even, based on the amount of money its cost you in services to bring your product to some level of professional marketing. 

Even if they the companies are invested a little more in your success, and they actually take some percentage of your future success, they remain in business and are covered by the services you pay for. And this is important to understand, the profit of these services that you pay for, are where their whole success is, and not necessarily yours.

There is a big difference between going to a sound studio for example to record your music – here you pay for the time, the equipment, and maybe even an engineer to help you, a lot like going to any product development company, and using their equipment, etc. and then going into a sound recording studio, or a product development company, and actually working with a current producer. Every great artist knows they need that current producer to get to the top of the charts, to actually sell their music. Current producer meaning someone that currently gets their artists to the top of the charts. Not two decades ago. Not even two years ago. These invention development companies or entrepreneurial services that are set up really lack that vital element. It takes a lot more then some friendly service to succeed.

Green2Gold is more like that current producer. Our whole motivation is about getting past the services and into the success circle. We take what you have and add our creative energies, and our world connecting power, and we convert that to palatable real life consumer success.  


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