#2 – Hiring a Coach or a Mentor

If your trying to get a bit more specific information, hiring a Business Coach or Mentor to work with you Individually is a little more helpful and a little more of an efficient process. But what we’ve found, and this is backed by years and years of statistics, these mentors and coaches for the most part, basically leave you in the lurch.

A business coach, or an experienced mentor, at any level, can’t make you like they are. They might have had some success in the past. Most of the time, they are no longer actually currently developing businesses, or inventions, or whatever it is they are a supposed expert for. Their work to convince you that the information they give you, is going to make you successful. But again, here we are back to the information seeking. It’s exciting they give you information you did not have. And that’s where they get you. And they will fool you for as long as you want to be fooled.

Donald trump can’t make someone a Donald Trump. He might give you some shortcuts or secrets to do some of the things he’s done, but you won’t necessarily have the success he’s had. It really doesn’t mean that your going to respond to that information the same way. Donald Trump for example, found his own pathway to success (obviously success runs in many different flavors, i'm not implying that the Donald Trump type of success would be my flavor of success) but the point is, he’s found his and you have to find your own. That’s not gonna happen by you copying someone else, whether you are copying Donald Trump or anyone else for that matter. You might have a little tiny bit of success…. but think about the successful musicians that have their own style and relationship with their music, lots of people copy them, but they can never become them. They can never reach that level of success they are, until they find their own individual connection to music or whatever it is.

Elvis Presley has no less than 100 people that copied his singing style. No one ever became Elvis or anywhere near his success. And there have been many, many examples in every profession.

Business coaches and experienced mentors are nothing more then experienced salespeople and they are profiting off something that happened to them. Some people have a big building because a lot of people want a big building, and some people are rich because there are a lot of people that want to be rich. It does not mean you are going to have a big building. It doesn’t mean you are going to be rich.

So what you need are insights that inspire who you are, so the success you have can actually come from you, so you expand on that. The pathway through Green2Gold is utilizing your invention or business concept, to express your particular connection to yourself, and to the planet. That will enable you to be as successful as you can possibly be. Possibly greater then Donald Trump or whoever. And as you gain more experience you can gain more and more success.

You can have that long-term relationship with Green2Gold, adding to that success, from the time you start inventing till the time you hang up your involvement in that creative expression.

Most of the time, coaches and mentors are mentors and coaches because they love coaching or mentoring. They love to be coached and mentored and they love doing it. That’s great, but that really does not mean anything for your success.




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