This series is a vital study for inventors & entrepreneurs that enables you to pick and choose from whatever issues that we discuss, that are applicable to your particular venture. 

These pitfall issues are not listed in their overall importance because that would be dependent on your particular need.

# 1– Information Seeking

Taking classes or any kind of entrepreneurship workshop, going to a school or college, or event is a process of getting bits and pieces of information that may or may not be useful for your specific needs. It’s a laborious process of digging through a lot of non-specific material, looking for something that might actually lend to your own goals. This fact finding or information seeking really tends to lend to more information seeking. It is like being in a library, and having to buy individual books, that might give you bits and pieces of information. By the time you’ve purchased enough books, to get you in a serious position of commercialization, your budget could be very well spent. The best that you could hope for taking this approach is to possibly break even, if you reach any level of success at all.

It is a whole lot of preparation around your dream. It's just not efficient, it’s not expedient. It’s a whole lot of information, which seems exciting at first, because we think information is the key to success, and it is but…. you really have to make very specific programs for that.

For instance it is the key to success, if you want to understand how blood flows if you are actually operating on someone. But to understand how clouds are pushed by the wind wouldn’t necessarily apply to the operation. And that’s what happens with information seeking, you spend a lot of time being pushed around by the wind.

This process is like digging through a lot of dirt and hoping to find a diamond.

Do you want to be an Education specialist? An education specialist is just hoping that information takes them someplace professional. Most education specialists just become educators. Because the most you could do with straight information seeking, is sell it yourself.

The pathway through Green2Gold is taking you to the specialized professional position, not the education specialist. Lets learn how the blood flows and get on with the operation. In other words, Lets put the dirt aside and mine the diamond, lets see what we have that’s pure to work with and take it to the next level of potential success.

You're paying the same to figure out how the clouds are pushed around, as you would be to find out directly how the blood flows. Our concern is to give you the information so you can actually perform the specialized particular operation.




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