The 5th Annual International Green Industries Hall of Fame Event Inducts World Environmental Sustainability industry Heroes at the University of California Santa Barbara

Four days of activities celebrating the 45th anniversary of Erath Day and included a special youth day for exploring environmental careers for high school and college students, as well as the 29,000 attending Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival

Santa Barbara, CA-

The 5th annual International Green Industries Hall of Fame (IGIHOF)inducted the following individuals and organizations that are making a difference in the creation of the Green Economy and Industry:

California Sustainable Wine Institute, Rodale Institute, Make It Right Foundation, Patagonia, Pomar Junction Winery, Ellen Strickland, Amory Lovins, David Gottfried, Voltaic Systems(innovation award), Dynglobal, Honda Motor Company, Steve Ashkin, Meryl Streep

The theme of the conference and induction ceremonies was the critical crisis in water, especially in light of the historic drought in California --and other states and nations. Experts presented the challenges and many real solutions.

The exposition element had examples of many inductees and nominees, and a special ‘Invent the Future’ showcase presented by the IGIHOF Co producer Green2Gold,who's founder Prof.Alan Tratner was inducted in 2012 for Lifetime Achievement.

Examples displayed were eco inventors and entrepreneurs from the Green2Gold incubator,including prolific inventor, Daniel Casey's multi-patented and proven system for every home that can save 20% of the energy and up to 75% of the water used in our bathrooms, as well as empowers consumers with extraordinary control over their water use/reuse choices.

Casey posted and sent an Open Letter to the California Governor Brown who had declared a unprecedented drought related water emergency in the state with 7th largest economy on Earth.

Other examples were the Oilinator technology for absorbing oil spills and cleansing water of all hydrocarbons and other unwanted pollutants,and a remarkably simple,automatic Self Irrigation System-an invention award winner-for tapping into natural day/night cycles and condensation for gardens and food production,LifeWaterAirPonics system for water and energy saving agriculture, green houses and home grown plants and a unique system to solar light and electrify buildings saving large amounts of energy(

Sam Geil founded the IGIHOF,and with an all volunteer board, honors pioneers and difference makers in the green industry, as well as creates scholarships for students to be educated in environmental subjects and pursue careers in sustainability.

The IGIHOF is open globally to public nominees for 2016.

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