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1 Year of Comprehensive Incubation Services, that includes intellectual property research & development (VALUE $750+), as well as facilitating a Preliminary Field Market Research Study (VALUE $1000). The Top Prize includes the creation of multimedia assets/renderings/video/pitchdecks, etc. (VALUE $1500+) to feature your invention or business concept in Green2Gold’s ‘Goldmine of Great Ideas’. (VALUE $2500)



In the ‘Goldmine of Great Ideas’ your inventions or business concepts will be presented to potential Licensees, Alliances, & Investors researched & identified on your behalf. It will also be considered for Co-Venturing.





Enter for the Awards at any time. Just click the Enter Now link and complete the application form.
Entries submitted will be reviewed and selected by a team of Green2Gold experts, that are under strict mutual confidentiality.                                  

If selected for a Green2Gold Inventor & Entrepreneur GREAT IDEA Award, you must use the services within 120 days and should ready to interact on your project immediately.


The Green2Gold Inventor & Entrepreneur Great Idea Contest is designed to help you at any stage of a new concept or idea. It provides the inventor and/or entrepreneur with the resources to develop a strong foundation and therefore a vital start that can lead to greater chances of long term genuine success. The Green2Gold Inventor & Entrepreneur Great Idea Contest also is to actively help you bring your ideas to successful commercialization.

General guidelines for the submission process

A written or visual description must be provided in the application.

If you are granted an award, Green2Gold will ask you to let us actively promote your project through the Green2Gold 'Goldmine of Great Ideas'. This is a secure online area for potential partners to view your ideas or concepts under confidentiality.

Award Recipients have 120 days to utilize Green2Gold’s assistance. Green2Gold staff and families are ineligible for an award.

What is Green2Gold?

Green2Gold is a 501c3 Non Profit Project under the Environmental Education Group, founded in 1972. Green2Gold provides inventors, entrepreneurs, innovators, social ventures and non profits a vital result driven environment to develop ideas and concepts safely, securely, and with the right ingredients required for long term genuine success. Green2Gold has received recognition from the White House on down, and been featured in the leading media of our time, from Oprah, to CNN, NPR, INC, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, etc.