Co-Venture Consideration



Green2Gold is presenting a visionary Committee of Responsibility; with working innovations that are bringing harmony and are replacing the chaotic way the world does business.


A New Paradigm of Doing Business for Inventors & Product/Service Entrepreneurs

An inventor or entrepreneur can be involved in a Co-Venture in a multitude of configurations, for example:

A) Inventing a Product & Doing Sales and/or Marketing

B) Inventing a Product & Continuing to Invent More Products

C) Inventing a Product & Doing Nothing Else

D) Developing a Business Concept & being the CEO

For example, after you have brought your great idea, or product, technology, methodology, intellectual property and any other expert resources, talents or abilities to the Co-Venture, World Responsible Industries brings the management & operations, which includes, administration, legal, accounting, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution, licensing, required funding, etc. In other words, the WRI Co-Venture entity can be responsible for every aspect of a business venture to power up your project to long-term responsible fruition.


We enter into a long term enduring agreement that has the following attributes:


50/50 split of profits between the two parties


All intellectual property brought in is retained by the originator, but an agreement for use of that intellectual property is established for the Co-Venture. When all the parties co-develop, new related intellectual property then becomes a co-inventor status for joint ownership and shared development.


An objective, neutral, unbiased, and deeply resourceful Committee of Responsibility (COR) is an advisory umbrella for short, medium and long-range thinking and decision making for the project.


Fundamental and fair to all parties, is to first do diligence on three elements critical to instituting the co-venture:

1) Absolute certainty and evidence in hand of the marketplace demand, including purchasers, buyers, distributers, consumers, licensees, etc.

2) The manufacturing must be assured of quality, reliability, and profitability, with sustainability and green materials, components and parts used wherever feasible.

3) Any financing that may be required is identified and established.




WRI feels that we can no longer do business just the way we have in the past: unbridled, war like competition, conflicts, narrow focused decision making, short-range actions and one-sided goals. We as a people are obviously overrun with greed, misuse of resources, misuse and abuse of our people and our world as a whole. Our business and personal decisions have continued to fill our planet with more and more fear, poverty, wars and pollution. The disharmony of the environment our mother planet now chokes in, reflects very little true deep commitment to planet responsibility or individual responsible decision making.

Though, every generation shows some compassion to future generations, they have continued to make decisions that throw future generations into more and more planet-destroying dilemmas, where by the planet itself becomes more and more toxic and less and less inhabitable. COR is many years in the making, and a new paradigm in bringing responsible, solid, unbiased, neutral, and deeply thought out examined decisions for non-profit public benefit organizations as well as profit making businesses. COR also exists to serve many other personal and social entities and organizations that are embracing COR’s planet balancing objectives.

In the major decision making processes where COR is utilized: COR ensures enduring and harmonious actions are taken, to help bring balance to humanity and our life giving Earth now and for the future, in the process of those decisions. COR is anonymous, so there can be no attempt to influence, distort, threaten, bribe, and corrupt or any attempt to compromise their decisions in any way.COR has been put into a decision making position to bring about the permanent balancing of our planet and the life existing on it. COR is now successfully working in profit and non-profit organizations and their governance.

COR also exists to help avoid major conflicts, confrontations, anger, stress, misunderstandings, and disharmony in major decision-making processes. COR is designed to always work for our people and for our planets best interest helping build strong planet balancing structures that will lead to success on all fronts. These successes will have COR’s support and wisdom, be enduring and will ensure more harmonious atmospheres to our future. The COR members are trained for several years, and are 100% dedicated. The decisions we all make in WRI, and its growing number of Co-Ventures, as well as EEG /Green2Gold, etc. are all responsibility guided, and have the full support and wisdom of COR.

We all have input, can present arguments, facts, perspectives, and we are honored that COR helps us with the best possible recommendations for our successes. If we adamantly disagree with each other or COR, we can present those issues, and COR will review their decisions, taking our findings into consideration. Ultimately, COR will explain why a decision will be changed or held in a very logical manner we have grown to respect and appreciate. COR is a growing benefit to mankind, and an exciting powerful, advisory and decision making force we are privileged to be utilizing in all our endeavors.

For more information on the WRI Co-Venture CLICK HERE.