Inventor, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Social Venture and Non-Profit Modern Resources & Success System.

New Ideas can Develop & Thrive in Green2Gold Incubation. 

Green2Gold develops, mentors, and rapidly commercializes conventional ideas, new energy and environmental technologies, sustainable enterprises, products, and services for the consumer, government, and business marketplaces. We also incubate new non-profit organizations.

Our Goals are not to get pats on the back for the work that we do. We work totally for the results that bring about your desired aspirations.

Green2Gold has a rich 45 year history of conducting result driven workshops, world class conferences, expositions, and facilitating vital invention incubators across the globe. Green2Gold is at the heartbeat of innovation and helps to develop some of the most inspired and creative world helping minds on our planet today.

We can connect you to the world, or any part of it.

If you have an innovative idea, invention or product, technology, service, film or TV project, nonprofit mission or business plan, Green2Gold has the networking capabilities, resources, tried and true strategies & tools, as well as the access to funding to bring that idea to a responsible fruition.

GREEN2GOLD is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Educational Incubator.

Incubators Bring Together Dedicated Experts & Vital Resources to Help Develop Ideas to Responsible Fruition.

There is a significant increase in the rate of success for businesses if they start out in incubators.
-- Tracy Kitts, COO of the National Business Incubation Association


Evolving Ideas are Your Goldmine.

Missing Elements Create the Vacuum of Failure.

If in fact, either you are having trouble getting what you want, or having trouble figuring out what you need, it’s important to understand that in every era of success, whether business or political, there are ingredients or elements that are required for success at that time. Finding out what is lacking in itself is a key.

If you are an idea person, you can join Green2Gold as an 'incubee' today right here! Green2Gold has been effectively and efficiently incubating tens of thousands of inventors, entrepreneurs, and non-profits ideas around the globe since 1972. Green2Gold is the most matured effective time proven result driven incubator providing vast knowledge & experience, as well as vital resources and support to help inventors commercialize their great ideas responsibly.


Get Confidential & Personal Support.

Green2Gold Mentors can recommend important result gaining approaches based on invaluable experience & current understandings. Your Green2Gold Coach can help you in the process of taking those steps recommended, provide training, and further guidance. Joining Green2Gold gives you a powerful experienced team to work with you individually to help in the total process of reaching your goals, whether they be licensing, entrepreneurship or other alternative commercialization pathways. Confidential, Free & Unlimited Access to Mentorship & Personal Coaching for members by availability. Call or email to schedule sessions.

Get the Green2Gold Advantage.

Green2Gold Executives Present to Industry, Create Alliances, Represent Members at the Highest Levels, Help with Government Interactions, Utilize Decades of Vital Contacts, Continue to Establish a Extraordinary Network of Funding Resources, we Help to Infuse Higher Value into Ideas and Inventions, Help you to cut Through the Puzzling Communications of Legalities, and Much Much More. 

Get the Services that Matter.

Upon Joining as a Member, you will receive a FREE Great IDEA Evaluation & Guidance Analysis. You will gain access to the PATENT SAVER™Plan for Deep Discounts on all Aspects of Intellectual Property, that Includes Comprehensive Licensing Pursuit Support, Free Trademark Searches, Low Cost Patent Searches with Free Legal Patent Opinions.  Affordable Invention Services, Access to New Funding Sources: Debt, Equity, Unconventional Sources, Crowd Funding, Manufacturing, Booth Buddy Programs for Trade Show Representation, and Green2Gold Nuggets News! If you are ready to join now click here.


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